Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Mia Clegg Mia Clegg
Ann was a helpful and thorough teacher for our daughter, taking care to cover all aspects of the requirements in preparing for a driving test. Would recommend to others. Thank you Ann.   

Fion Radley Fion Radley
Passed 1st time
I loved going on driving lessons with Ann. Ann was very welcoming and never made me feel scared for my lessons. I feel like such a confident driving now. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needed a driving instructor. Thank you for everything.

Finlay WatsonFinlay Watson
Ann has been a great driving instructor. Her lessons are very enjoyable and has helped me a lot which is why I would recommend her. The LDC workbook which she gave me was also very helpful and helped me a lot with my test. Fin

Alice ThurlbeckAlice Thurlbeck
Ann has been incredible! She was extremely calm, patient and made me feel confident in my driving. I really enjoyed our lessons, also having the LDC workbook, which lets you track your progress was really helpful. She gave me lots of support and allowed me to think about any mistakes I was making, giving me the opportunity to try and fix it for myself. I would like to thank Ann for all the help and knowledge she’s given me, I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Tilly HesmondhalghTilly Hesmondhalgh
Passed 1st time
Ann was a brilliant driving instructor who helped me to pass first time! She was very encouraging and was flexible to fit around my college timetable. She provides very thorough teaching which made me feel confident for my test. Thank you so much!

Brooke FletcherBrooke Fletcher
Passed 1st time
When I did my first lesson with Ann she made me feel so comfortable as I had never driven a car before. Ann was always understanding and always answered all the questions I asked her. I would highly recommend lessons with Ann!! Can’t thank her enough for teaching me

Charlotte BrightCharlotte Bright
Passed 1st time
Learning to drive with Ann was my best decision! I’ve struggled with Anxiety for 7 years and delayed my driving lesson until late last year (2020) Age 23 learning to drive there was a lot of anxiousness about being a failure and letting anxiety beat me! In the middle of an pandemic and lots of stop and starting Ann made my lesson very relaxed and seem to progress very quickly but at my own pace. I suppose it’s part of anxiety that I don’t believe. For me the understanding Ann had for me and my circumstances made my lessons feel more relaxed and personal to me so that I was calm but also got my dream of driving. Every week I set my goals of what I would like to learn but always asked for Ann input if not leave it up to Ann to decide. I got my Theory done straight away so I could concentrate on driving and then all I had to work towards was my practical. Once test ready Ann kept me going until my test and practised all the requirements needed to drive / pass. The day of my test I was so scared, it was definitely Anxiety taking over me Ann took time to keep me driving, have a break before my test and made me relaxed. I got into the car and just cracked on with my test! And passed first time 0 miners. It was pure relief. Ann worked so hard with me and now I’m 1 week on the road and I love driving and feel so free, my anxiety is calm. My daily tasks aren’t a worry no more! I highly recommend Ann, please be patient with the current covid pandemic.

Adam GemmellAdam Gemmell
Passed 1st time
Ann is a terrific instructor! She's very patient and never once got frustrated, which is great for building confidence for the test. Ann is very invested in getting you a pass result - ever vigilant, and flexible around you to make sure you get your lesson. The LDC workbook has all the information you could need, and Ann is always willing to explain or discuss anything you might not understand. I would highly recommend her. 5/5 Thanks for all the support Ann!

Olivia EllamOlivia Ellam
I would highly recommend Ann, she is so patient and calm which made me feel relaxed and at ease while driving. Ann helped me build up my confidence throughout the lessons and helped me understand all the theory and practical aspects. I was give the LDC workbook which was very helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ann. Thanks for all your help.

Johnny HynesJohnny Hynes
I would highly recommend learning to drive with Ann. As an older learner at 34, I found Ann's approach to learning fantastic, and the use of the free LDC workbook worked with my style of learning, Theory then practical.I felt safe and secure to learn at my pace and really enjoyed the process and to learn a new skill later in life.

Isabelle ThornhillIsabelle Thornhill
Passed 1st time
For people looking to learn to drive I can’t recommend Ann enough. She is a fantastic teacher who is calm, extremely patient and helped me to feel relaxed whilst learning to drive. Her lessons are very enjoyable and having the LDC book, which Ann gave me for free, is very useful for preparing for lessons and includes all the rules and regulations needed for your test. With Ann’s help and guidance I was able to pass both my theory and practical first time. Thankyou for everything!!

Jacob StellingJacob Stelling
Passed 1st time
Learning to drive with Ann was a great decision; the lessons are enjoyable, you learn at a pace best for you and you learn how to drive, rather than just how to pass a driving test. My time with Ann has been full of ups and downs, but she will always stick with you and provides reassurance and guidance - along with a lot of jokes too - to make sure you learn everything you need to know before your practical and theory tests. If you’re looking for someone who will prepare you for a life on the road, then I can’t recommend Ann more!

Shaan GreavesShaan Greaves
While learning how to drive can be quite difficult, learning with Ann made the task feel easier and less daunting to me. She helped me to relax while behind the wheel and was always very patient, even when I made any mistakes. If I ever did do anything wrong, she would ask me how I could have improved on it, which is very helpful to a learner driver especially when tackling busy junctions and manoeuvres. While learning with Ann, I received a free LDC book that contained information about everything I needed to know to be able to pass. Furthermore, I received a free practice programme for the Theory Test, which made passing it a breeze. For anyone looking to get their driving license, I would highly recommend learning with Ann.

Taylor BallbackTaylor Ballback
For those of you wanting to learn to drive, I can highly recommend Ann Blackburn from LDC driving school. Ann makes you feel welcome and comfortable and she provides you with lots of support and knowledge. Whilst learning to drive you will receive a free driving booklet to help you understand the rules and regulations which help you pass your test. Learning with Ann has been a pleasure as she is calm, patient and positive! Thank you for everything!

James RhodesJames Rhodes
Ann was a fantastic driving instructor that helped me to pass my test. She was very calm and helped to relax me in the car. Ann was very easy to get along with which helped in putting me at ease behind the wheel. The LDC book also helped me with the possible questions that could have been asked by the examiner. I would like to thank Ann for all the help she gave me, making me a confident driver.

Ruby PriceRuby Price
Passed 1st time
Ann Blackburn was the perfect driving instructor for someone in my position. She helped me to feel comfortable in the car so that I could go from stalling several times in my first ever lesson to being able to pass my practical test on the first try. When I made mistakes, the emphasis was on making it right rather than focusing on what went wrong. Having the LDC Driving Skills book to read and refer to between lessons was definitely a massive help as the plan and review (and the reflection) sections assisted in retaining the information I learned regarding the different driving skills and manoeuvres. I don’t think I would have passed first time round without the combination of the book and Ann as my instructor and would thoroughly recommend her as an instructor for any new and prospective learners.

Amelia SaundersAmelia Saunders
It’s been a pleasure to learn to drive with Ann, she’s helped me gain a lot of confidence with driving in the past year. She was very patient with me and never rushed me in my driving. I found the LDC book very useful, it allowed me to keep track of my progress and prepare for my next lesson. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone wanting to learn how to drive, she’s been amazing. Thank you Ann!

Judith KellyJudith Kelly
Passed 1st time
I couldn’t have chosen a better driving instructor than Ann, she understood I was a nervous and unconfident learner and was patient and encouraging every step of the way! Ann never pushed me on to another step before we both felt I was ready and whenever I needed to refresh she was happy to go over things again as much as I needed to get me confident with my driving. I used the LDC handbook before lessons and after to fully understand what we were learning and found this very helpful along with the brilliant lessons. I can’t thank Ann enough for helping me through this process that will undoubtably change my life for the better.

Connor GruenConnor Gruen
Passed 1st time
Driving was something I've always wanted to do but I was struggling to find the right instructor. Ann was very friendly and very down to earth and she had the patience while I got to grips with driving on the open roads and step by step taught me all the things I need to know. I already knew how to handle a car but without Ann I don't think I would've been able to pass first time like I did.

Ruby BoyesRuby Boyes
Passed 1st time
Ann was a brilliant, friendly driving instructor, she helped me gain confidence driving. Using the LDC book as well as lessons really helped me as I could understand what we were doing before the lesson so going into the lesson I already had a vague idea and knew what to expect. I really enjoyed the lessons and would highly recommend Ann.

Katie BondKatie Bond
Passed 1st time
I am so pleased I chose Ann to be my driving instructor. Before hand, I had 2 other instructors and I didn't feel like they taught me to drive or helped me and Ann certainly did. I had more confidence and she always told me where I needed help and guidance on and helped until I got it right. I would recommend Ann to anyone who is learning to drive. 10/10 Thank you Ann!

Brad NoonBrad Noon
Ann was an amazing instructor she made me feel calm throughout my driving and when encountering new situations. The LDC driving book also gave me lots of help improving my driving skills and knowledge. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone because she is friendly, reliable and helpful.

Megan WigglesworthMegan Wigglesworth
I had such a positive experience with Ann. She really helped to build my confidence with driving. I really enjoyed my lessons with Ann. We used the LDC driving skills workbook which really helped. It has objectives which we went through each lesson and ticked each one off for me after I had completed each stage. This helped me keep track of what I had achieved. Each lesson had a detailed description of what we did. This book really really helped me. I would 100% recommend Ann to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Thanks so much Ann!

Finlay WilsonFinlay Wilson
Passed 1st time
Ann was a great driving instructor, she was very patient and helped ensure I built up my confidence in learning to drive. The LDC way of learning was really helpful as using the book helped me prepare and progress ever lesson, especially in preparation for my practical, the book enabled me to re-visit all the content we covered at the start. This was really helpful. Again, Ann was a great instructor and I would recommend her to anyone.

Tyler Asher-StodhardTyler Asher-Stodhard
Passed 1st time
Ann is an amazing driving instructor! I couldn't have passed first time without all her support. She was very easy to get on with from the get go and therefore eliminated any nerves I had going into my driving lessons. She helped me learn from my mistakes and become a much more confident driver. Learning with the LDC book meant that I could look over the topic we would be covering before the lesson. Thank you Ann for all the help!

Jess LyonJess Lyon
Passed 1st time
I passed my driving test first time today. I have had a brilliant instructor Ann, who is professional and supportive in all her lessons. Every lesson i have had has been helpful and insightful and the LDC driving skills book was referred to throughout and used as a helpful tool. The book showed what the examiner is looking for and what i need to do to meet those outcomes to become a safe driver and pass my test. I wanted to say a big thank you for being an amazing instructor. Thank you, Jess Lyon.

Erin EwartErin Ewart
I would absolutely recommend Ann as an instructor to anyone. She is so patient and really puts you at ease, it's like learning with a friend. Ann has a way of giving you feedback without knocking your confidence which worked great for me as an anxious driver. The LDC book really helped me to prepare for each lesson and I referred back to it often as well as doing the quizzes. Thank you Ann, I'll always be grateful!

Olivia BennetOlivia Bennet
Passed 1st time
I passed my driving test first time with Ann. She is very flexible with lesson times and dates which is good to fit around my college schedule. Ann provided the LDC book which is very helpful as it allows you to prepare for your next lesson or look back over previous lessons. She made me feel calm and comfortable while on my driving lessons which helped to boost my confidence as a driver. I would highly recommend ann blackburn to anybody wanting to learn to drive.

Scott JaggerScott Jagger
Passed 1st time
I would recommend Ann to anybody wanting to start learning to drive, the car is straight forward too! The lessons are never boring always fun and she fills you with confidence, and give you the believe that you can do it!

Molly SommervilleMolly Sommerville
Passed 1st time
I found Ann Blackburn to be a professional, friendly, patient and knowledgeable instructor. Ann provided me with a full range of study materials in preparation for each lesson. Working with the LDC book, I was able to work at my own pace and see my progression. Ann also offered positive and constructive feedback to aid my learning. I was delighted to pass my driving test the first time and would thoroughly recommend Ann to anyone who is learning to drive.

Joe BairdJoe Baird
Ann is a fantastic driving instructor, whom I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. I started learning to drive with little to no real understanding of road markings or the rules of the road but Ann was superb in assisting me with this. The LDC book Ann provided acted as a helpful tool to prepare before lessons and as such meant I was not going into unfamiliar road situations blind, whilst also aiding me immensely in both prep for the theory and practical test. Furthermore Ann is incredibly patient and calm, in turn enabling you yourself to become relaxed and focused whilst learning. I highly recommend Ann to anybody learning to drive.

Joe AylwardJoe Aylward
Thank you very much for helping me pass my driving test! You were very helpful and flexible with lesson times which helped me fit around my own schedule. The LDC book which you gave me was also very beneficial as it includes every aspect of being a successful driver as well as having all the information relating to the process of going through the actual driving test. The book also includes lots of driving related questions which aids me to improve and expand on my driving knowledge. The book included a step-by-step list of how to perform certain aspects of driving and I found that very beneficial when learning. We carried out lots of practice tests together which increased my confidence levels when behind the wheel of the car and I am very thankful of you helping me to pass my driving test. Thanks, Joe.

Rose GraingerRose Grainger
You will not find a better driving instructor than Ann! Ann is a extremely honest instructor, who will identify your weaknesses and support you throughout lessons to work on these. But more importantly, she also allows you to work at these at your own pace. I was a very nervous driver to start with, but Ann made me feel comfortable and was very patience in helping me concur this! While learning to drive with Ann, you are also provided with a LDC book. These are brilliant! They bring structure and flexibility to the lessons. If you also learn better through theory rather than practical, this is brilliant to refer to. I would highly recommend you learn to drive with Ann!

Bethany ArandleBethany Arandle
Passed 1st time
I can't recommend Ann enough as an instructor, she's been amazing throughout the whole learning process, Ann is very positive and encouraged me as a driver and boosted my confidence in many aspects. All my lessons were conducted in a calm, relaxed friendly manner and I thoroughly looked forward to every week to do my lesson with Ann. I really enjoyed the way the lessons were conducted using the LDC learning book, I spent a lot of time reading the book and doing the quizzes prior and after lessons which helped me to progress. Thank you so much Ann I couldn't have done it without you, highly recommended.

Josh EnglandJosh England
1st time pass
I would highly recommend Ann to anyone looking for a reliable, friendly and patient instructor. Thanks to Ann, I was able to pass both my theory and practical tests first time! I especially found the LDC book very helpful if I wanted to look back on any aspects of driving I found challenging. During my lessons I always felt at ease, and found my lessons very enjoyable. I would like to thank Ann for all of her help!

Jack HepworthJack Hepworth
1st time pass
Ann helped me reach my ultimate goal of passing my driving test. She was reliable, punctual and explained things with ease. She provided me with the LDC driving skills workbook which enabled me to prepare for each lesson so gave more time for the practical driving. I would highly recommend Ann as an instructor

Anya GraingerAnya Grainger
I am very happy to have chosen to learn to drive with Ann. She is a patient and friendly person whom I felt comfortable learning to drive with. Ann made sure I understood every part involved within driving and was always up for a laugh. She happily accommodated giving me lessons on the weekends, to allow me to learn to drive with my working hour, which I am very grateful for. I can honestly say Ann made me a safe and confident driver, who I would highly recommend to anyone!

Ellie-Jo BirkettEllie-Jo Birkett
Passed 1st time
I passed my driving test first time, as I felt comfortable driving with Ann. She was patient, while helping me build my technique and skills. She made sure I was ready for my test without pushing, and I could ask any questions. I would strongly recommend Ann.

Bethany FirthBethany Firth
1st time pass
Ann helped me pass my driving test first time. She ensured I not only felt relaxed in my lessons, but confident and able to build on my driving skills. Prior to each lesson I was able to read up in the LDC driving book, which helped me to progress. This was a great approach helping my understanding of all areas of driving. I would highly recommend Ann due to her excellent support and teaching. ​​

Hannah MallinsonHannah Mallinson
Ann made me feel so at ease & boosted my confidence within my driving. She gave me 100% constructive feedback on everything I did & I will highly recommend Ann to anyone. Thank you for helping me pass my test!

Loren BirkettLoren Birkett
Passed 1st time
Ann is an excellent driving instructor with a passion for driving. She made my whole experience fun and enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and will miss them now I've finished them as well as seeing Ann every week. I was provided with a DVD and a book which allowed me to read up on the theory behind driving and make a record of the progress I was making week on week. I can't thank Ann enough for helping me get a pass first time. She was extremely patient and positive during my lessons - she deserves a medal for putting up with me! I would highly recommend Ann to anyone who would like to learn to drive.

Jade AsburyJade Asbury
Ann has been a great driving instructor to me helping me calm my nerves and getting me through the driving test, and making me feel more confident on the roads, cannot thank her enough!

Charlie SeargentCharlie Seargent
I'm really glad I chose Ann for my driving lessons. She made me feel confident from the start, was very encouraging and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Ann to anyone about to star learning to drive.

Bethany PrinceBethany Prince
Passed 1st time
Ann not only is a really nice lady but she is an excellent driving instructor. She is very patient and understanding when you are first learning and this gave me the confidence to progress and pass my driving test on my first attempt. I liked using the LDC book as I could prepare for my lesson by reading up and then after each lesson I could reflect on what I had done. Prior to my test I found the book a useful revision aid. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Ann and would recommend her if you are looking for a good instructor.

Peter OxleyPeter Oxley
Ann is an excellent driving instructor who is very patient and considerate and it was a pleasure to have her as a driving instructor, highly recommended 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Esme PearsonEsme Pearson
Passed 1st time
Ann is an extremely positive driving instructor who praises you and constantly boosts your confidence. She is incredibly easy to get along with and knows how to relax you in stressful situations. I found the LDC book very useful as it guides you through each little aspect of driving, meaning you can look back at anything you're unsure on. Thanks to Ann I managed to pass first time in just 6 months! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an instructor.

Tom RadleyTom Radley
Passed 1st time
Ann is an amazing instructor! She made me feel at ease and progressed at a pace I was comfortable with. Ann had lots of patience and was excellent at communicating safe driving skills and requirements so that I could apply these in practice and gain confidence. As a result, she helped me pass both my theory and practical driving tests first time. If you are looking for a driving instructor, who will make the learning to drive experience enjoyable and successful, i would definitely recommend Ann.

Tom KingTom King
Ann was a perfect match for me as a driving instructor. She was always organised yet laid-back and our personalities meshed well together as teacher and student. Ann was always patient, never rushing me onto the next stage until I was ready and confident enough. I found the LDC handbook and DVD extremely useful as lesson preparation as it helped me to pick things up quicker when I was doing them practically, as I already felt I had a good understanding. Ann is very knowledgeable and is clear and direct in her approach to teaching. I never felt stressed or uncomfortable, we had some good laughs and Ann is very approachable and easy to get along with. I would highly recommend Ann to anybody considering learning to drive, or to anybody with prior experience. Thank you Ann!

Elliot PearceElliot Pearce
Passed 1st Time
Thank you Ann for getting me through my driving test first time! You made me feel at ease during my driving lessons and I would recommend anyone who was wanting to learn to get in touch with you. Thanks again Ann

Millie PearceMillie Pearce
Passed 1st time
It was a pleasure to have my lessons with Ann as my instructor, she made me feel at ease. I looked forward to my weekly lessons and when it came to my test I was really nervous, Ann really talked me through things and helped me to stay calm. Thank you Ann for your help I can't believe I passed first time !!

Caleb AutyCaleb Auty
Passed 1st time
Ann was a great driving instructor, she was very patient and helped ensure I had the confidence in learning to drive. The LDC book was really useful as it gave me a clear idea of what to expect on the next lesson . Ann only put me in for my theory test when she felt I was 100 % ready and this showed as I passed 1st time and then again a few weeks later when I took my driving test and passed again 1st time. I would definitely recommend Ann to anyone .

Zarah AhmedZarah Ahmed
Thank you so much Ann, you really made me feel at ease throughout my lessons with your calm approach to teaching. I really enjoyed the whole course and would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Ann has been really encouraging and very patient. She has allowed me to learn at my on pace and has been very flexible to accommodate my lessons around my busy life.

Matthew KayeMatthew Kaye
Passed 1st time
I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!! Fabulous sense of humour, it felt like I was being taught by a friend!!! The LDC system was brilliant in helping me prepare for each lesson. The lessons were well planned to make the most of the time. Ann really made me think about what to do, she was very patient and gave me loads of confidence, even if I made a mistake we would talk about how I could improve. I feel she has taught me to be a safe driver for life. I recommend her to anyone wanting to drive. Thanks Ann

Grace WodwardGrace Wodward
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Ann. She has a great sense of humour which always made lessons fun and was also extremely patient with me which gave me confidence. The LDC book was also extremely useful as it gives you a clear plan of what you will be doing in your next lesson and allows you to prepare. This way you can get straight into your lesson and put theory in practice, therefore gaining more valuable driving time. I also found the book a good way to monitor my progress as at the end of each lesson we would ‘mark’ a particular section and ensure I have correctly reached all of the driving examiners criteria. I would 100% recommend Ann to anyone. Thank you Ann!​

Jimmy BrothersJimmy Brothers
Passed 1st time
I started learning with Ann after having some previous driving lessons with another instructor. Straight away she gave me the confidence that I could drive and using the LDC client centred learning approach really made me think about what I needed to do to be able to drive. Ann coached me all the way but I have really had to think about the process myself which made it stick with me better. I passed 1st time. I would recommend Ann the anyone, she is brilliant, patient but most of all makes it fun. Thanks Ann

Adam RammellAdam Rammell
Ann was fantastic in every aspect of helping me learn to drive. She was patient, positive and understanding.

The LDC way of learning to drive was excellent. Before your first lesson you are provided with a book which sets out each lesson individually. The book is structured and is extremely helpful to read through before each lesson and also it helps to refresh your memory of things you may be coming back to further in your lessons.

Overall, my experience with Ann was nothing but enjoyable, and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn to drive. Thanks Ann!

Harry HowbridgeHarry Howbridge
Passed First Time
I started learning to drive with Ann in October 2014 and I passed my test in September 2015.

Ann was a fantastic driving instructor, who always made me feel confident about driving in any conditions on any road. She is very friendly and has a great sense of humour, in fact my driving lessons were more of a social occasion instead of learning to drive.

When I applied to take my theory test Ann told me to revise because if not I would fail, I did revise and I passed first time, but it’s very true what Ann said – you MUST revise!

Ann only put me in for my driving test when she felt I was ready and I passed first time.

Thank you Ann

Danielle Kelly
I started having driving lessons with Anne in April this year (2015), i already knew most of the basics but had quite a few bad habits. Anne was very understanding and also very patient. She quickly taught me everything i needed to know. She is extremely down to earth which made my lessons much more comfortable. She made it feel as though i was being taught by a friend. She gave me the confidence i needed to pass my test first time in October 1st 2015. I'd had a couple of driving instructors in the past but Anne was by far the best one. I would recommend her to anyone! At the start of my lessons i was given a book and a DVD to help me practice for my theory test and keep me on track of what we were doing each lesson. The book definitely helped me prepare and keep me motivated. I cant thank Anne enough for everything she's done! Thankyou!

Kia McGrath
Ann is an amazing instructor who is very patient, understanding and has a brilliant sense of humour. Starting driving lessons can be very nerve racking but Ann was so calm and understanding and made me feel at ease right from the start. Lessons never got boring they were something I enjoyed; it became part of my weekly routine in which I looked forward to. I didn't pick up driving straight away but with Anns patience with me and great advice it soon clicked and by the end of it all I really started to enjoy it a lot and I put this down to Ann. And by remembering everything Ann had taught me I passed first time with only 3 minors something I never thought I would succeed in but I did and its all thanks to Ann! I strongly recommend her to anyone, I’m going to miss her lots!

Emily HorneEmily Horne
I have really enjoyed my driving lessons with Ann, she boosted my confidence and was always patient with me. She helped me to pass in just 10 months. I found the use of the book and dvd really helpful for both the practical and the theory. Would recommend to anyone, a great teacher!

Nick ParmenterNick Parmenter
Ann was a great tutor! From the very first drive I went on with her, I felt at ease with Ann. Over the months that I learnt how to drive, Ann was very patient with me and she helped me though the issues I had with getting from the first drive and the test. I'm grateful I was with Ann for my driving lessons! Thank you Ann for all you help!

Ann is an excellent driving instructor and I am confident I would not have passed my driving test without all her advice and support. She is knowledgeable, patient and easy to get along with. I feel she has given me the skills to become a safe and confident driver. Thank you Ann it was a pleasure being taught by you.

I would definitely recommend Ann and the LDC system to anyone wanting to learn. I really found the LDC system useful, especially in the beginning as I felt I was making progress with having a workbook to keep track of what we had worked on, and reviewed after every lesson. The lessons were well planned to make the most of the time. The LDC dvd was great for the theory with having quick quiz games and mock tests, very thorough.

I found Ann to have a fun, personal and positive approach, even when I made mistakes we would talk through what happened and how I could improve, always remaining calm with me and helping to build my understanding and confidence. I found Ann honest and thoughtful, with safe driving for life being the focus. Thank you!

Natalie Janowska
I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! Ann helped me overcome my nerves on the first lesson and she really believed in me which boosted my confidence! I have not got one bad thing to say about her or my experience in learning to drive. We had such a laugh and my lesson was always something I looked forward to. I loved every minute of learning to drive, I was taught by the best :)

Amber Francis
I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Ann who was always calm and patient with me, giving me the confidence I needed and readiness for my test. The LDC way of learning was really helpful as using the book helped me prepare and progress ever lesson. Passing my test 1st time felt great!!! Thank you Ann

Sophie Nolan
I began lessons with Ann having had some experience with other driving instructors and basic driving skills. I saw a difference straight away. Ann was very organised, she explained to me the steps we would work through using the LDC handbook and gave me a DVD to use at home to prepare for my lessons and revise with. Her clear and concise approach gave me targets to work towards every week which helped me to track my progress and focus on key areas to improve. Above all, Ann's attitude and personality not only made my lessons informative and interesting, her sense of humour and kind, patient nature made the lessons enjoyable and stress-free. Ann is an excellent driving instructor, compassionate towards her students' needs, clear in her instruction, attentive and assertive in her teaching style. She really helped me to build my driving awareness, confidence and ability and it was a joy to have her as my instructor. I highly recommend Ann to anyone who wants to learn to drive, whether you have experience or are a complete beginner. I am very happy to say that I passed my test first time! I couldn't have had a better driving instructor. Thanks Ann!

Katie Armitage
When I was waiting for my first driving lesson I was nervous, scared and anxious.. As I got in the car I couldn't help but shake, ann sat in the car with me and calmed me down reassuring me that I would be perfectly fine and I was in safe hands. She drove to a quiet road where she pulled over and explained the basic driving for my first lesson. She praised me when I did something right or when I didn't panic in different situations which build my confidence and put me at ease.. The more confident I got and the more lessons I had the more natural driving came to me.. She also gave me a book and a DVD of ldc learning which also helped me as I read certain parts before lessons so I had some knowledge, they had all the information I needed as well as diagrams, the DVD helped me significantly with practising for my theory. I would recommend ann to anyone that asked as she didn't push me to do anything I wasn't ready to do and she praised me when I did well, I enjoyed all of my lessons, she is an excellent instructor and great company!!!

Ellie Theaker
Ann is a great Instructer, she was always patient and friendly during my lessons. Ann has made me a confident driver, and given me the ability to always be safe on the roads.

I found the LDC method of learning extremely useful as it meant I could really prepare for my lessons before hand, and therefore saved time during the lesson. Both the DVD and the book were helpful as they provided different ways of learning. I would recommend the LDC system to anyone who wants to learn to drive in the most efficient way.

Will Simpson
I had an absolutely brilliant time learning to drive with Ann. Every lesson was fun despite the angst that comes with learning something that is so new, important and vigilantly assessed. I was filled with confidence and ease throughout the process, in which I felt I was constantly developing and growing as a driver. Alongside this spent much of my time behind the wheel with a smile on my face, as it is fair to say, she can be slightly bonkers. The only feeling that surpassed the fun I had while learning with Ann was the wonderful feeling of passing my test (both theory and practical) first time, which can only be a testament to Ann's stewardship, and the LDC system, which assisted me with theory and pre-lesson introductions. I could not recommend lessons with Ann highly enough.